Slideshow FAQs

Q. Help - my slideshow has no sound!

A. Even though you may not realize it, your iPad is muted. Yes, even though you can play music in the iTunes music app, your iPad is STILL muted. The reason is that Apple made the music app and all other apple native apps IMMUNE to muting, which is very confusing because no one realizes that the iPad is actually muted. (Trust us, we've trouble shot this issue several hundreds of times and in every single case, the iPad was on mute without the user knowing!) One surefire way to tell is that if you type on a muted iPad, it will make no "clicking" sound.



Thankfully this is a VERY simple fix: For all iPads OTHER than the iPad Air 2, there is a physical side switch that when flipped will usually unmute the iPad. If it still does not unmute or if you have an iPad Air 2, the mute button is found by swiping up swiftly from the bottom of your iPad to open the iPad control Panel. There you will find a bell icon which controls muting.


Q. Can I give or sell the ProofShare slideshow to my client?

A. Yes, absolutely! You can play the live slideshow during your in person sales session (IPS) but there is also an option to "export slideshow." You can choose to export it to your iPad or Dropbox. If you choose Dropbox, you will later be able to do anything you want with the slideshow (it's an HD mp4 file) such as gift or sell it to your client, burn it to DVD or copy to a USB or even just send them the dropbox link so they can download it. You can also upload the slideshow to your youtube or vimeo and then embed it on your website or post to Facebook or other social media.


Q. Does ProofShare include licensed music?

A. Unfortunately at the price point of a one time $34.99 fee, we cannot provide licensed music. (Comparable services charge $250 ANNUALLY and a large part of that fee goes to paying artist royalties.) ProofShare will play any song that is downloaded locally to your iPad, but we definitely recommend purchasing licensed music via Triple Scoop (our recommended music partner), Music Bed or Songfreedom. Songs purchased via Triple Scoop are $60 each for LIFETIME use. That means that you can use it for as many clients and slideshows as you want forever! So with ProofShare, you may end up investing a few hundred dollars up front for a few songs you love that you can use over and over again, but once you made that initial investment there are no recurring annual fees. Over time, this offers a great savings. For more information and recommendations for licensed music, please read this blog post called "All About Slideshow Music"


Q. Help, I'm trying to add a song and the white box for "add music" keeps closing!

A. This means ProofShare was not granted proper permissions to your music Library. Please go to your iPad settings and find the ProofShare app and grant all permissions to the app.


Q. Help - Nothing happens when I try to export my slideshow at 1080p!

A. If you have the iPad gen 2, unfortunately the device does not support 1080p video exports. This is a device limitation, not the app itself.


Q. Help - I cannot find where to add music to my slideshows!

A. You must create a new slideshow style. To do that, press the play button inside gridview of any gallery (not the play button from the homescreen, that one only plays existing slideshows.) Choose "Add new slideshow" from the dropdown. You will see the options to choose songs as well as slideshow transitions etc. Once saved, you will be able to play that slideshow style in ANY client gallery either from the play button on the homescreen or from the play button inside gridview.


Q. Help- my slideshow quality looks terrible when I view it on Dropbox!

A. The slideshow quality is fine, what you are seeing is quality degradation because you are watching it on a cloud based service. Download it to your computer from dropbox and THEN play it and you will see that the quality is crystal clear. If you are sharing a Dropbox link with your client that might also want to recommend to them that they should download it prior to watching.


Q. Help - ProofShare isn't letting me select a song I know is on my iPad!

A. You must have that song downloaded LOCALLY to your iPad. It cannot be in your iTunes cloud, it must be made available for offline use (you can check by opening your iPad native music app and choosing to view "only songs on this device".)


Q. Help - the quality of my video looks terrible on Facebook!

A. Yes, this has nothing to do with the video, and everything to do with Facebook and their overzealous compression! (Think about what FB does to your still images!) What we do and recommend you do is post the videos first to either Vimeo or YouTube and then post the LINK to the video on your FB business page (it will show a preview that the user can play.) Doing this on YouTube is also a GREAT way to boost your SEO because YouTube is owned by Google and videos get very highly ranked. Try also including some keywords like your location and photography Genre in the title!


Q. Is there a way to get rid of the black bars on the left and right of the "live" slideshow when viewing mirroring to a TV?

A. No, BUT - if you export the slideshow prior to your IPS meeting and save it to your iPad you can then play it as a video from your camera roll and it will show fullscreen because our video exports support widescreen.