In Person Sales Workflow

There are many different ways one can use ProofShare, in fact, you don't even need to be a photographer! ProofShare can be used as a beautiful and functional stand alone portfolio app for any visual creative. However, being that it was designed by a photographer for photographers who do in person sales - we do have an in person sales suggested workflow that we thought would be useful to share. Please note that we are recommending ProofShare's "sister app" Shoot & Sell to show wall designs but feel free to use any other app or method of showing wall ideas to your client as a substitute. If you have any questions please email us at any time!

Prior to your Sales Session: Export Your Images to Jpg

In Lightroom or whatever tool you use to organize you files, export the images from your session at no less than 1024px (non retina) or 4096 (retina) on the long edge. Since version 2.4 you can import high res files if you wish and the app will detect your iPad screen resolution and automatically size them for you! You can export directly to Drobpox, Flickr or to a folder that will place itself on your iPad when you synch. We highly recommend exporting to Dropbox or Flickr as these images retain their original file names. Click here to download a LR export preset that you can use to export at the recommended size.

Prior to Your Sales Session: Create the Gallery in ProofShare

Create a new gallery in ProofShare and import the images from the location you saved them during image preparation. Note that this is the only step during which an internet connection is required, so you are free to conduct your sales session anywhere anytime, regardless of WiFi availability!

During the Sales Session: Play a Slideshow

Choose from one of the three beautiful transition styles and add a soundtrack and even your own logo. ProofShare’s slideshows are simple, elegant and emotive – the perfect way to share your client’s images with them for the first time! For even more impact, Airplay the slideshow (and the rest of the sales session) via Apple TV or Connect to an HDTV via an HDMI cord and dongle. Learn more about slideshows here.

During the Sales Session: Sort & Compare

Let your clients narrow down their favorites by sorting the images into yes (full heart) maybe (half heart) or no (empty heart.) Use compare mode as necessary to help decide between similar images. Learn more about sorting and comparing images here.

During the Sales Session: Show Client Favorites in Shoot & Sell (or any other app)

Once your clients have narrowed down to their favorites from the session, now is your chance to show them off LARGE on their walls or on one of Shoot & Sell’s gorgeous stock room backgrounds! You can save the client’s ”yeses” right from ProofShare to a new album on your iPad or a new folder on Dropbox making it super easy to build multi image displays or show various sizes of just their favorite images in Shoot & Sell or (gasp!) your other favorite wall design tool.

During the Sales Session: Add Order Notes

Once you have sold your client on those fabulous huge prints and canvases that looked so amazing in Shoot & Sell you have the option of recording what quantity, size(s) and product type your client wants to order of each image. When you are done, you can email yourself or your client a list with image thumbnails and all order notes. Click here to learn more about adding order notes.

After the Sales Session: Export Selections to Lightroom

Now it’s time to prepare you client’s order for print. No need to match up file names or image thumbmails – just use our ”Export List to Lightroom” feature! This will allow you to email yourself a comma separated list of filenames that you can paste into Lightroom’s search that will pull up all the images the client selected instantly and effortlessly. Now you can just export them at the ordered sizes and upload to your preferred lab! Learn more about exporting image lists to Lightroom.

After the Sales Session: Celebrate!

You have now completed an entire sales session laptop and hassle free! Your clients will feel pampered and excited about seeing their images in print and will think you are some sort of technology genius. The end!