Aug 15

Creating, Editing and Deleting Galleries

The ideal image size for importing into the app is no less than 1024 on the long edge for non-retina iPads and no less than 4096 for retina iPads. You may use high res images and the app will detect your screen resolution and size them correctly for you.

Aug 14

Customizing ProofShare

Aug 5

Creating, Playing & Editing Slideshows

Please note that songs added to slideshows MUST be downloaded locally to your iPad. Also note that as of version 2.0 you can now export your slideshows to sell or gift to your clients, or even to upload to your website or youtube (great for SEO!) Please also see here for some tips and suggestions about Slideshow music:

Aug 4

Sorting and Comparing Images

New features: To "unsort" an image or multiple images, go to it's pile (yes, no or maybe) and tap the image(s) once to select. Then, double tap in the top bar and the app will ask if you wish to send them back to the unsorted pile. To reset the whole gallery, double tap in the top bar while in unsorted view.

Aug 1

Jul 1