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May 8

Mother’s Day Sale!


proofshare3 IPS ss3

Give moms a gift they can enjoy ALL YEAR ROUND when you help them display their beautiful images on their walls with Shoot & Sell, provide them with an emotional slideshow they will pass down for generations with ProofShare or better yet, do BOTH all for less than $100 with the app bundle!

But hurry, the sale prices are only good until midnight ET Monday May 11th. (All prices listed are USD,  your exchange rate may vary.)

Make this the year that you help all your clients get their portraits up >> Read More

May 7

Version 2.2 Released!

Version 2.2 brings a few bug fixes, but also wider screen slideshow exports! To be clear, the videos still have the same HD dimensions when exporting (1920×1080) but the images INSIDE fill up a wider portion of that real estate. This required us rewriting almost all the functionality of the slideshow export, so I hope that you enjoy the new wider screen slideshows as much as we do!

Here is an example of the new wider frame export:

Enjoy! >> Read More

Jan 30

Imaging USA One Week Sale!


proofshare3 IPS ss3

In honor of having a booth at Imaging USA we are having a sale on the app that EVERYONE can take advantage of!  Of course if you are headed to Nashville I’d love to meet you and give you a demo of all the amazing new features in ProofShare 2.0 and a sneak peak at the next Shoot & Sell update!  Seeing the apps in person will also give you a great understanding of how the two apps work together to run an entire in person sales session from start to finish >> Read More

Jan 28

Version 2.0 Released!

I’m so, so excited to fill everyone in on this release!  With version 1.4, we included the 2 things everyone asked for the most: a way to unsort a single image (tap once to select it and then double tap in the top bar) and a way to reset the whole gallery (double tap in the top bar in the unsorted view.)

After these two request, by FAR the two most requested features were the ability to view the filenames in grid view and to export the slideshow. I’m thrilled to announce that BOTH are featured in 2.0 release! Here’s >> Read More

Jan 27

All About Slideshow Music!

I get a lot of questions about where to get music for the beautiful slideshows that you can create with ProofShare.   As you may or may not know, because these slideshows constitute “business use” when showed to a client (or soon in the new version exported to share with the client) we must use licensed music.

Fortunately, there are some great companies out there offering licenses specifically for this type of use!  The three big ones are:

Triple Scoop
Music Bed

I have done quite a bit of research on this and Triple Scoop has by FAR the best >> Read More

Nov 26

Black Friday Super Sale!


Get ProofShare or the ProofShare/Shoot & Sell Bundle at the lowest prices of the year right now during our Black Friday – Cyber Monday Super Sale!

ProofShare is on sale for $34.99 $24.99

Shoot & Sell is on sale for $74.99 $59.99

The In Person Sales bundle which includes BOTH apps at one low price is just $79.99!

If your new years resolution is to start doing in person sales or to perfect and streamline the way you are currently doing them you’ll want to jump on this incredibly low price good until >> Read More

Sep 25

It’s Launch Day!


It’s launch day and I’m jumping out of my chair with excitement to FINALLY be able to share what I’ve been working on for the last 7 months!  One of the things I love best about being a photographer is that moment when you share the images with the client for the first time – and that’s a little bit of what I’m feeling right now  ♥   So without further ado, I invite you to go ahead and download ProofShare from the iTunes store now while it’s still at the intro price!


And PLEASE if you love it, let me >> Read More

Aug 22

Example of a ProofShare Slideshow

One of our favorite features of ProofShare is the ability to create gorgeous emotive slideshows. There are three different slideshow transitions you can choose from: a simple dissolve, a dissolve with Ken Burns effect or a dissolve with Ken Burns effect plus a blurred background which is what was used in the video above. You can also add more than one song and with our “fit to music” feature, you can always make sure that your soundtrack sychs to your slides. Brilliant! Music courtesy of Triple Scoop, our recommended source of music for Pro Photographers. >> Read More

Aug 15

Creating, Editing and Deleting Galleries

The ideal image size for importing into the app is no less than 1024 on the long edge for non-retina iPads and no less than 4096 for retina iPads. You may use high res images and the app will detect your screen resolution and size them correctly for you.

Aug 14