About Ariana Falerni Designs


Portfolio, Proofing and Slideshow Presentations

ProofShare is the game changing slideshow and proofing app that the industry has been waiting for.

Shoot & Sell

Industry Leading Wall Design App

Shoot & Sell helps your clients the potential of their portraits on their very own walls.

Thanks to the app’s unique ability to calibrate any room image, images are show in actual proportion providing a quick and easy realistic size reference.

Photographer's Wall Display Guides

For Photoshop and PSE

A game changer in the industry, the Photographer's Wall Display Guides use beautiful real room images to help photographers (and other visual artists) sell and market their work.

About Ariana Falerni

Ariana is an internationally published, award winning family photographer in Nyack New York.

Her products are known for their sophistication, beauty and ease of use. Her photoshop wall guides and Shoot & Sell app for iOS and Android have helped thousands of photographers around the word be more profitable.

  • I am an avid user of your fantastic wall display guides. Just to say, your product is definitely one of the best investments I have made for my business, thank you! I am very much looking forward to future products!”

    — Natascha van Niekerk Natascha van Niekerk Photography
  • “This app is amazing!!!! I love using the Photoshop templates to share wall display options with my own clients, it’s such a great way to enhance their experience. And now with Shoot & Sell it’s so easy to do – right from my iPad! It has been such a time saver for me. Especially going into the busy fall season, I am so strapped for time. Now I can still create beautiful galleries to help guide my clients in just minutes. Thank you! “

    — Tiffany Bender Munchkins & Mohawks Photography